The IKO Pitched Roof System is the first roofing concept that meets the needs of the modern roofer. Individually each component represents state of the art roofing technology, together they form a unique fully integrated solution.

IKO’s polyester based Eaves Protection Strip is laid as the first sheet along the eaves, it can be dressed into the gutter to protect timber fascias from water damage.

IKOslate is a composite roof tile made from recycled and re-engineered materials that duplicates the looks of slate without the downside of using natural slate.

IKOslate Crown Ridge tiles have the texture and finish of regular IKOslates and a flexible hinge which allows them to be easily formed to any ridge profile.

IKOflash is a modern alternative to lead flashing, it can be worked in a similar way to lead but is easier to cut, non-toxic and almost 80% lighter.

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