Balaroid Torch On is a polyester based, sand finished cap sheet, coated with a high softening point  APP modified bitumen coating. The lower surface has a sacrificial film which rapidly melts during the torching operation making application fast and secure.

Balaroid torch on membranes provide reliable and effective flat roof waterproofing, combining the qualities of excellent performance, handling characteristics and economy. It is intended for use as part of a torch-applied built up roofing system for flat and sloping roofs. It is ideal for both new roofs and the repair of existing felt and asphalt roofs.

Feature & Benefits
  • APP modified bitumen coating
  • Tough polyester base for membrane strength and durability
  • Excellent puncture resistance against trafficking during work operations
  • Low temperature flexibility to -5°C
  • Cost-effective durable performance
  • 10 year materials guarantee


Product Technical Data Sheet

IKO Balaroid Torch-On 10m TDS

Product Declaration of Performance

Balaroid Torch On DOP